Our Service Programs

UPS Maintenance Programs

We had been having philosophy of "Service Oriented" Distributor Company right from the beginning. In the UPS industries where it supports most of critical-mission operation in 24x7, service factor is the key next to product reliability.

Having service motto of "No Dissatisfied Customer", we had built and continuously upgrading our service team. Our team has pass through endurance and extreme condition "real life" test. Most of our engineers and technicians had been in the team for more than 10 years. Thus, with these long experiences in UPS we assure our customer of getting the best services. We also offer wide range of service level to suit our customer from SOHO to Critical Network Operation Centre. Our 7x24hr services hot line is always ready to assist our valuable Customer, should you need our assistance do not hesitate to call and get the best services.

Service Centre

Our service center is designed and equiped to meet the highest standard as UPS needs close tolerance calibrated tools to do adjustment and calibration. Since it has to delivers clean power for sensitive load, fine adjustment is critical and must be carried out by our trainned personnel.

For our facility, we always have no doubt in investing high quality toolsets and metering equipment available in the market. These tools are one of the key success in achieving our motto"No Dissatisfied Customer".

Level of Services

There are many levels of services that we are offering to suit our customer needs, due to wide range of capacity rating and customer's class from SOHO to large corporate users, from personal use to critical network operation or data centre.

Warranty Service

  1. 1. Small rating UPS (3kVA below) for this range of UPS users has to send the UPS to our service centre, on-site check and replacement are available for corporate users. Pickup and delivery services are available subject to additional charge.
  2. 2. Regular site visit 2 - 4 times a year for customer having 5kVA or above installation around JABOTABEK area.

Have more questions regarding services? Contact us at any time to discuss further.

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