Our UPS are designed to prevent damages such as:

- Data error

- Data crash

- Data loss

- Storage loss

- Data / file corruption

- Flickering lights

- Hardware damage

- Equipment shutoff

- Premature hardware failures

- Program failures

- Keyboard lockup

- System lockup

- Component stress

- Burned circuit boards

- Etc

Not every UPS protects you from all of 9 power problems. But BESTINDO INTI PERKASA offers you many kinds of power protection which each of them is designed to fit a different set of power protection needs and allows you to match your needs precisely with the appropriate level of power protection.

So with us, you are really in the best hands to be protected with from 9 power problems.

9 Power Problems:

The 9 Most Common Power Problems that potentially harmful to your valuable data and your computer hardware are :

  1. Power Failure - A total loss of utility power.
  2. Power Sags - Short term low voltage.
  3. Power Surge ( Spike ) - Short term high voltage above 110 % of nominal.
  4. Under-voltage ( Brownout ) - Reduced line voltage for extended periods of a few minutes to a few days.
  5. Over-voltage - Increased line voltage for extended periods of a few minutes to a few days.
  6. Electrical Line Noise - High frequency waveform caused by RFI or EMI interference.
  7. Frequency Variation - A change in frequency stability.
  8. Switching Transient - Instantaneous under voltage ( notch ) in the range of nanoseconds.
  9. Harmonic Distortion - Distortion of the normal waveform generally transmitted by nonlinear loads.

Need a question to determine your needs? Ask us directly.

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