PT Bestindo Inti Perkasa is the expert of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in Indonesia with over 12000 customers since its first founded in 1992.

We Specialize In

With over 12000 customers and some of them which are multinational companies with the requirement of 24/7 critical response, PT Bestindo Inti Perkasa provides one of the best Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) on the market, full-range of batteries as an options, UPS reparation, and options of maintenance programs ready for our customers.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supply protects all of your equipment as emergency power to load in case of a blackout and any power outage problems such as voltage distortion and overvoltage.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Spare Parts

We provide any UPS spare parts for your power protection. Contact us to help you determine which spare part you need.

UPS Maintenance Programs

Discover many types of products and maintenance programs to ensure long-time UPS lifespan and it's batteries that has been made for the best of our customers.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Batteries

Order your UPS batteries now and we will help you to determine how long and which kind of batteries you need.

Riello UPS.

Innovation-the secret of an all-Italian success story.

Riello UPS offers a vast range of products, organised into 22 ranges of UPS based on several different state-of-the-art architectures. Thanks to its two research centres in Legnago (Verona) and Cormano (Milan), world class centres of excellence for the design, development and testing of UPS, Riello UPS can constantly innovate its product portfolio, keeping it at the pinnacle of performance, reliability, and competition.

Riello UPS

12000 Customers in Indonesia.

PT Bestindo Inti Perkasa has always been a partner as a UPS supplier for many private and public sector companies. We deliver trust, integrity, and high quality of services of our 12000 customers. PT Bestindo Inti Perkasa is very experienced in all UPS products, batteries, services, and maintenances and that is why so many companies put their trust in power protection to us, and we are very proud of what we achieved since its first founded in 1992. PT Bestindo Inti Perkasa has been dedicated to make sure the customers will get the best and suitable power protection based on their condition and circumstances. 

Best UPS on the Market.

PT Bestindo Inti Perkasa wants to ensure the best UPS as the power protection for your businesses. Riello UPS from Italy, is the perfect choice for your critical systems to stabilize the current 9 power problems that occurs in your everyday area. From SOHO to the biggest datacentres for corporations, PT Bestindo will ensure high quality UPS to make sure our customers are delighted with our products. PT Bestindo Inti Perkasa offers best quality product with affordable prices.

28 Years of Experience.

PT Bestindo Inti Perkasa has so many experienced sales and engineers that are able to help your businesses. Our engineers is the expert of Uninterruptible Power Supply and can help your businesses in terms of power protection in any condition. We are fast-response company that will always be there for consultation or for any urgent circumstances. Our sales and engineers has always performed direct approach to the customers directly so that customers will get the best high quality services. With 28 years of experience, PT Bestindo Inti Perkasa will make sure you will be satisfied with our product and services and very well-trained based on the experience for these past years.

Services and fastest response time is our expertise.

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